Let's Act on the Worldwide Website Obesity Problem


Yes, Website Obesity is a real problem, and is becoming more and more common in sites all over the world wide web, and if it continues will prove to be a major issue for not only you as a company but also you as a user and consumer.

It is important to understand that these days technology is not waiting for anyone. Hardware is rapidly changing in size, weight and performance, which in turn leads to constant software and browser updates which may also incorporate third-party scripts such as analytics, social sharing and javascript libraries.

You as a website owner need to be aware that with all these modern updates and changes, so too will your website need to be kept in line with these upgrades to maximise on the new technology enhancements without bloating your core files and ultimately making your website obese.

The 3 most common causes of website obesity are as follows:

Images are a major focal point in all websites and definitely add to your user experience... but if your images are bloated and not web friendly it could cost you as a site owner. There’s a huge body of research that shows that when people visit slow websites, they spend less, view fewer pages, and will not waste their time with your slow page loading speeds and will look somewhere else. Amazon have confirmed this when they they announced for every 100 milliseconds of slowdown, they experienced a 1 percent drop in revenue! ** To get more information on how to save your images for web and slim down your paage size read our blog "Your Website Images - Size DOES matter!" by clicking on this link....**

Documents are a great example of where websites tend to become obese very quickly. Most websites have some form documentation associated with the products and services they provide and therefore its only fitting that these documents are displayed all over the website right?? Wrong... think of it from a user perspective, you are browsing on your mobile device because lets face it we use these more than our desktop PCs or laptops. While you are looking for this information you come across it but you need to download a PDF, which happens to be 121mb... really... after waiting a few minutes for the download to complete you have probably already found another company with the information already on their website in plain view. Ok so you get the point, it is better to create pages for your products and services and include all information directly inside your website, this will keep your user engaged and will significantly reduce the wait and load times. If you really need to have downloadable documents on your website then try and get your designer to create web friendly versions which should never be more than 1mb for a 20 page document.

CSS files/Javascript
Javascript/CSS files are the backbone to a great layout on your website and often give the user that experience they are looking for. From a technical perspective it is important to minimise all 3rd party javascript and css files linked with your website to help reduce the page load times. Developers should also be aware of reusing code in these files as with all elements of a website these can be clunky and overloaded with lines of unused code. Although these files constitute only a small element of a website, everything counts towards slimming your website down.

2016 has just begun and if it is your New Years resolution to get fit and healthy, have a think about the extra mince pies you may have been feeding your website.

Our team at Hybis are always happy to give you tips and advice on how you can reduce your website size and optimise its performance to get a head start this year.
The Hybis Team puts a huge emphasis on keeping up to date with modern developments and technology enhancements and changes that occur daily, to help better our products and services to you, your company and our customers.

Here's to keeping the website obesity rate down and to a healthy and prosperous world wide web...

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